maandag 11 maart 2019

Brexit or Brexisn’t it?

Boris: Finalally, I have to admit that I’m afraid of the Brexit. Isn’ it?

Nigel: A Brexit it is.

Boris: I’m afraid the Brexit will become a Brexisn’t it. Will it?

Nigel: In my opinion, the Brexit will be, in the end, the exit.

Boris: Exisn’t it?

Nigel: I’m not sure I’ m still following you, Boris. Or is it: Borisn’ it?

Boris: Boris it is.

Nigel: Is it?

Boris: It is.

Nigel: Boring.

(awkward silence)

Boris: But as long as we have our cup of tea…

Nigel: Tea it is and it ‘ll be. Actualally, such a thing as a Brexit is quite tea-sing. Ha ha ha…

(another awkward silence)

Nigel: Let’s sing, Boris. Let’s sing a song. Shall I sing a song for you?

Boris: Let’s have another cup of tea, Nigel, and sing a song. And finalally, find an exit out of the doomed Brexit. Or Brexisn’t it. Anallyway, sing that song, Nigel! Sing that song!

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